Cool for cats


Oslo, Norway.  Candy-floss skies cast a gentle image over encompassing mountains; a capital of green spaces bearing a seafaring warrior culture bathing in Baltic air.  The streets are littered with candles and colorful faces, “Equality, freedom and waffles” one brochure preaches. “One of the most beautiful countries in the world”, another.

Fairytale fantasies aside, one can be left to their own explorations.


Meet the wonderful Tamita- The Cat lady of Oslo. This captivating coffee house worker introduced me to the craziness of the capital in true bobcat style. Sadly, the pace of evolution means the people of Norway fail to grow fur in brisker seasons. Alas! This is the fine handiwork of local artist Andrea. Based at Westerdal studios, a glowing hub of creatives in the gritty corners of the city. Grünerløkka is traditionally a working class district of the city, flying the flag for pockets of cool-the perfect place for cat spotting. Previously a rundown industrial district, the area seen transformation from the grass roots up.

final .jpg

Andrea is an MUA special effects makeup artist- expertly trained to create robust and impressive simulation effects.  These colorful creatives certainly shake up all previous images of Norway. Indeed, the political system is run on a colour scheme here- the more “green” a party the more left of the spectrum one swings.  The “green” city offering hope for the somewhat optimistic youngsters- refusing to be sucked up by a £860 billion wealth fund.




Under a government with proposed to ban homelessness back in February 2015; the cost of living certainly makes one feel the pinch. The richest country threatened to put people in prison for giving pennies to those in need… Indeed, I was somewhat baffled by the Christmas presents left under the tree for the homeless.



Eleven pound pints and 17 pound hot-dogs leave you skint and pondering the streets. The coins have holes in them, perhaps a fine metaphor for the condition of one’s pocket after a night out in the capital.

A cool cat city that certainly promotes the life of a minimalist- “an interest in keeping things very simple”. A sharp sparkle shines in the eyes of the people reminding me indeed- resistance is priceless.



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